What is Gelato?

Gelato in Italian means “frozen”. Legit Gelato Colorado gelato is a dense, creamy, smooth, flavorful dessert much akin to American ice cream but differing in three significant ways:

  • Gelato has less butter fat than American ice cream, typically around one-half: 4 to 8% versus American ice cream at 14 to 25%. Less butter fat creates a more intense flavor experience.

  • Gelato is denser than American ice cream due to less air being churned into it. Typically gelato has 20 to 30% air incorporated into it while American ice cream has 50% or more. This creates the smooth texture. Combined with the reduced fat content, we get a creamy and light-tasting treat.

  • Gelato is served at a temperature 10º to 15ºF warmer than American ice cream. The warmer temperature enhances the creamy texture and flavor experience.

What is Sorbetto?

Sorbetto at Legit Gelato Colorado is a dairy-free, vegan frozen dessert. While typically a fruit experience, we are chocoholics, so our current sorbetto is comprised of organic dark chocolate, organic cane sugar and water with the addition of flavor. This creates a smooth and creamy texture experience. In the future we will also be offering the more common fruit sorbetto sourced with organic ingredients.

What is a Small Batch?

Our gelato and sorbetto are made in two-kilograms (two-liter) batches. It’s all about attention to detail.

Are Gelato and Sorbetto Gluten Free?

Yes, at Legit Gelato Colorado, our ingredients are gluten-free. Our Whiskey Fig Gelato uses whiskeys from Colorado Springs distilleries. While grains are an ingredient in the creation of whiskey, as a distilled product, it is gluten-free. In the future, we intend to incorporate brownies into our gelato. The brownies will be gluten free.

What about GMOs in the Gelato and Sorbetto?

At Legit Gelato Colorado we use only non-GMO ingredients.

Are your Gelato and Sorbetto Organic?

At Legit Gelato Colorado we source organic ingredients whenever possible. We are all about the uniqueness of your experience with our gelato and sorbetto, so some ingredients – like the whiskey in our Whiskey Fig Gelato – are not organic.

Where is Your Vegan Gelato?

Vegan gelato is a work in progress at Legit Gelato Colorado. Our intention is to create vegan gelato that is indistinguishable from dairy-based gelato. We are not there yet. We are close.

Where do You Get Your Ingredients?

Legit Gelato Colorado sources its ingredients from Colorado purveyors whenever possible.